Jacob's interview on New Dimensions Internet Radio will stream from May 21-29.  An archive of the interview is also available for download from the link below. 

For the past 50 years, Jacob Needleman has probed the world of ideas in search of what is wisest in life. Here we explore some of life’s larger questions, such as: When is love born in the human heart? Why is knowledge inseparable from goodness? What does it mean to live in the now? Attention is something that is uniquely human. Needleman says, “When you give your attention to yourself, inwardly, it transforms something, you become another person. When you give your deep attention to another human being, they flourish. The earth needs human attention. Love is an act of giving what only human beings can give…Essential love is the love that only attention and conscious energy can bring…[I]n order to sustain love, you have to bring intention into it and intentional love is work and great work, joyful work, but still work…You cannot sustain a relationship just by the force that made you fall in love.”  (hosted by Phil Cousineau)


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