Summing up these elements, we may speak of the evolution of man as the process by which human beings become able consciously and voluntarily to serve the purposes of higher, perhaps the highest, intentions in the universal world, intentions that create and maintain worlds upon worlds in the universal world. And here we may boldly speak of the intentions of the Earth.                                      

from An Unknown World, 132

Where other forms of life reach their completion and serve their function fully governed by the laws of nature and the Earth, Man, the unfinished animal, was uniquely endowed with the capacity and theresponsibility to absorb and respond directly to conscious influences from above the level of the Earth and the Sun.

from An Unknown World, 137

Could we ever hope to understand our planet without understanding why we have been brought forth on the Earth? Without understanding all that Earth needs from us? It cannot be merely to correct the ecological problems we ourselves created. There must be another function for our unique species, our specifically human consciousness. So much is obvious. There is nothing purely accidental in nature, nothing that is not implicated in the wholeness of the living world  

from An Unknown World, 164

To those who deny purpose and intention in the universe, we say: To understand and perceive intention and purpose outside myself, I have to perceive intention and purpose inside myself. And this is not as simple as it sounds. It requires the ancient, deep work of self examination.

partly from A Sense of the Cosmos, 77