Part mystery, part spellbinding tale, Sorcerers sweeps us into a world of mysterious powers and extraordinary human possibilities; it suspends us between the struggling forces of light and darkness.

On the threshold of maturity and yearning for something he cannot name, Eliot Appleman is welcomed into The Sorcerer's Apprentices, a circle of young state magicians. His learning encompasses the tutelage of the urbane and charismatic club leader Stephen Blake and the rough-hewn master magician Max Falkoner, proprietor of Templeton's Magic Shop. With Eliot's realization that he possesses a special power, a dramatic and ever-deepening struggle begins for his heart and soul.
Shimmering in the background is the presence of the club's founder, the enigmatic and beautiful Irene Angel, who was both Blake's and Falkoner's teacher. She may have the key for Eliot—if she is alive. Laughter, suspense, and wonder mark Eliot's apprenticeship in magic as it soars to a dramatic and astonishing conclusion.

Not since Holden Caulfield in the The Catcher in the Rye has there been an adolescent hero who so poignantly captures the aspirations of our time. Eliot is a true "character," believable for all his insecurities, lovable for all his eccentricities, and memorable because he holds a part of all of us in his dreams and fantasies, in his sometimes humorous, sometimes perceptive view of what's happening around him.